Thursday, 26 January 2012

GYMMING-Myths and Realities.

The iron begins to grow within them spreading its tendrils into whole body gently and steadily, taking control of mind and soul.Body building is a passion,worship and dedication towards ones’ own body.They hear whispers all around,”You will grow”.As the iron continues to grow,it spreads its branches all over and people identify them as proud result of salty sweat drops,deserving a fitter tighter and toned body.Others can readily see their shame and find numerous excuses.Whenever the builder looks into mirrors their eyes see only ever growing branches with red hot iron flowing inside them and profound happiness there after.
As more iron is pumped into their bodies,they become rosy,their flash begins to swell,and they swim into sea of strength as wave after wave of sweat is converted into iron.

We live in a society highly poised by Myths and exercises and gym are not spared either,I’ve tried to accommodate important myths-
1.Herniated/bulging disc means no Gym.-This finds no relevance,member has to be just careful by not lifting too much weight and avoid exercises involving undue strain on back,with cautious approach and under supervision of a experienced instructor and by abiding all rules member can achieve desired results,many known Hollywood celebrities and bodybuilders have these problem. Strengthening and stretching of back muscles(extensor) helps in controlling protruding disc towards rear.For anterior bulging flexor muscles needs similar activity.Do not try to do experiment on your own speak to your medical professional(neurosurgeon,if possible) and certified gym instructor .
2.Very obese and cardiac patient means no Gym.-Yes, if you recently had a cardiac surgery otherwise gym is for all from 8 to 80 yr old.Of course you can’t run or sweat like a person in his teens,but certainly by following proper advice from your medical health professional along with tips from certified gym and fitness instructor,you can reach goals. Bariatric surgeons pose a very rosy picture of instant weight loss,what they conceal is restrictions one has to follow there after,believe me restrictions are far much tough then needed to loose weight naturally.I very often see patients in Emergency Department post bariatric surgery ,howling and screaming in pain and other related side effects.Some time will write an article on this surgical intervention.
3.Diabetics should avoid Gym.-In my view,diabetes is one of the medical condition which shows instant results with exercises.Blood sugar levels drop significantly reducing demand doses of insulin or other oral anti-diabetic tablets,During exercises muscles takes up glucose on its own and thereby keeping sugar levels low for hours but don’t do rigorous exercises which may lead to very high blood sugar drop,again you need to consult medical professional.
4.Gym is only for youngsters.-A myth again,as stated above gym is for people from 8 to 80 years,but the sooner the better theory works here.It is easy for adolescents,teenagers to develop and build muscular mass then for a grown up but then never the less,exercise in any form is important for anyone on Earth…
5.Heavy weight training will make you huge and masculine.-Very often one can find someone with huge body and lifting significant quantity of weight,what one does not count, is the immense hard work and gradual approach which made him generate that muscular mass,guys patience is the key word.In general women are not able to generate muscular mass the way man do,for doing so she has to put in lot of efforts involving extensive long term exercises under supervision,genetic mapping,strict and nutritious diet with supplements(legal or otherwise).
6.Steroids and other banned substances have no or practically minimal effect on body.-They create havoc,though they are the shortest,easier way to perfect body but then one has to pay dear,after few years,erectile dysfunction,impotence,kidney,liver failure ,etc.are very often seen.
7.One can change the shape of muscles.-There are lot of noises at the gym about reshaping your muscle mass,or for how to build that super looking Biceps,Triceps and Abs.The response is individual, shape of your muscle is genetic.Even the way muscles are attached to bones and joints is somehow related to genes and vary individually.So no matter what you do,shape cannot be changed.You can ,however make them big and stronger.
8.Fat of certain area can be removed with exercises.-It is not possible to isolate a particular area for fat reduction,our bodies simply cannot react to this approach,it will reduce fat from whole body at the same time,to get maximum results one should schedule exercises involving large muscle groups.
9.Protein shakes and drinks will make gain muscle.-Muscle mass depends upon the way you schedule your exercises and volume of weights.Protein supplements should be used if your weight volume is high otherwise it is always good to take natural protein from products like fish,meat and dairy products.Any extra protein is converted to fat and stored in body the way carbs do.
10.Extra hours in a gym means additional benefit.-Mother of all myths,Over and exhaustive exercises without following a schedule will instead harm the body building process means instead of gaining muscle mass you will loose it , when inside the gym dedicate completely give your best but thereafter allow your muscle to rest so that body can recuperate.Average workout shouldn’t be more then an hour,if it is so either you are taking extra breaks in between or not following schedule properly.
11.Latest and swanky equipment’s need of the hour.-True to some extant,but best bet still remain those inexpensive dumbbells.Latest equipment’s do augment your workout to some extant but proper combination of simple exercises,multiple dumbbell regimes ,is what you need more then those swanky looking expensive giants which are more commercial in nature when weighing benefits.
12.Fat is always bad.-All fat is not bad,extra fat is like store house of body,used in emergency.Problem starts,when accumulation of fat is more then required and it mainly depends upon the area of accumulation..Researches have shown that comparing two overweight people,one might be much healthier than the other.Carrying extra fat around midsection or belly fat has been now associated with high risk factors diabetes,heart disease,hyperlipidemia,erectile dysfunction and what not. Pear shaped pals with fat around thigh,hips and buttocks are considered healthy.
13.People around will laugh if I don’t pump-in hard.-This I sometime call as Gym Ego,I’ve noticed while workouts that many members just try to lift heavy weights to impress even if the exercise is not being carried properly.Remember building muscle mass and gaining strength is a gradual process which needs utter dedication and utmost postural care so that no injuries are suffered.”Shed that false ego inside you “.Do not hurry or try shortcuts you will build your muscle mass one day and will be able to lift desired weights.
14.Pregnancy means no gym.-Abiding few basic rules and advice budding mothers can do exercises and gym,in fact regular exercises helps to improve metabolism,build immunity and de-stress the body.