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A formula of perfect diet-myths and realities

Since ages dietitians,nutritionist and doctors , world over,are trying hard for that perfect diet formula,though they have got substantial gains in their efforts,people due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness regarding diet are neither able to remain perfect healthy nor able to manage weight control /obesity despite following the tediousness regime of dieting/fasting.Diet and health are not "ONE PLAN FIT FOR ALL THEORY".individual goals are needed.
We know countless health cautious pals ,who want to get rid of their extra pounds permanently,this is here ,where starts a vicious  cycle of dieting,where some land up adding few extra pounds or extra fat,as people who want to drop extra pounds turn to the easiest method of dieting/fasting,disturbing natural metabolism of body.A recent study conducted ,suggested 95% who reduced weight following some diet plan landed up with extra pounds,with this they feel left out ,depressed and stressed.
Here comes the role of a healthy diet plan but despite possibly knowing many tend to choose wrong food.A close watch on dietary habits and notorious lifestyle of obese should explain about the wrong doings.
Before energizing yourself to enter into a dietary plan which actually leads to some changed life style ,try to answer the following? 
1.Under what circumstances/motivation factors you are choosing this path.
2.Are you ready for the change?
3.Are you ready to control your taste buds and become a non glutton.
Cautious approach and correct knowledge regarding your diet and eating habits are few deciding factors which will give desired success,but here prime importance lies in placing more realistic and practical approach with small but determined steps then taking some drastic change
Researches have shown that surprisingly workaholic also become over eaters as they find solace in eating to combat stress.
I've tried to compile few tips and suggestions which might help to attain goal about right diet.
1.Not hungry-don't eat.
  • Follow the basic principle "Eat when hungry,sleep when exhausted".don't become a glutton ,train your body to eat  that you are just satisfied ,meaning there by that you are not over-eaten or under full.After few minutes that quest of extra craving will eventually go making you satisfied/comfortable with whatever you hv eaten. 
  • Future eating-I won't have time to eat ,I have meetings lined up,so it's better to eat now-must be sounding familiar.This adds up extra calories.
  • My favourite dish won't be available,so I may not be able to eat soon after this-makes you eat extra adding notorious calories unknowingly.
  • Unable to sleep-that extra portion of cake/cookies might help me to sleep.
   2.Emotional eater.
  • Ask yourself????
    • Am I a Gourmet.
    • Do at times I eat to please others.
    • Do I  eat for rewarding oneself ,for some good work/favour I did.
    • Holidays/weekends means celebrations,eat what ever .
    •  Moment of sadness-food is best friend. 
    • Do I eat for entertainment .
    • Temptation hard to resist.   
    3.Prepare plate yourself and rule of half.
  • Prepare half plate with fruits and veggies,half with products full of proteins and wheat.
  • According to a study,people who take less food in their plates ,eat around 14% less then their usual diet as in order to fill in 2-3 servings are needed.
    4.Chew food properly.

  • This makes people eat slowly and makes them eat less.
   5.Keep yourself busy.
  • That extra craving for food is the real culprit,try to divert your attention towards something else,sneak out,do some work.
  • If you really feel some craving ,take a glass of water,a fruit or a portion of some healthy snacks.
   6.Healthy food-better and improved health.
  • Tongue taste should be restricted,choose some healthy alternative eg.instead of some fatty cookie,one can take few oil free nuts dipped in honey.etc.
  • You yourself need to workout on new and improvised recipe so that healthy substitute taste good. 
   7. Beware of smart marketing and labels.
  • Many so called self claimed health products or preserved/packed food,may contain substantially high sugar or salt contents.
  • Even fat free /cholesterol free items are filled with trans fat and sugar.
  • Check sugar content with different labels like,Sucrose,Glucose,fructose,Corn Syp., Maple Syp.
  • Read thoroughly about the contents.
      8.Write what you eat.
  • One of the best way to manage diet.
  • Keep updating your diary -what ever you eat,even a small portion you eat,make a list,search for number of calories,make a chart.
  • Add all calories at the end of day.
  • Compile a list of your favorite food items.
  • You will be surprised to know about the actual intake.
     9. Quantity and Management.
  •  The best way to control quantity of food is to maximize the number of dishes in menu list,means instead of eating only one item you taste many,there by eating less.
  • If you have craving for some item,don't stop but control, take a part of portion or better share with someone.
  • If you are unable to stop yourself ,then follow the rule of management eg. take something light /less in your next dine in.
  • Feel free for any quarries related to this article or any other.

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