Friday, 18 November 2011

Gonorrhoea-Sexually Transmitted Disease/A summarized preview

One of the commonest STI ,caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
This infection can spread from any form of sexual habit be it oral or vaginal or anal from the infected person.Prevalence of this infection is same in both genders,but in females particularly this infection severely effects their reproductive system and can even infect eyes.
Clinical Gonorrhoea Symptoms:- MALE
        • Burning,pain and itching while passing urine.
        • Abnormal colored and foul smelling discharge from penis.
        • Swollen or redness over penis opening.
        • Tenderness or swollen testicals.
        • Increased frequency of urination.
        • Sore and painful throat.
 Clinical Gonorrhoea Symptoms:-FEMALE
        • Burning,pain and itching while passing urine.
        • Increased frequency of urination.
        • Abnormal colored and foul smelling vaginal discharge .
        • Fever.
        • Pain abdomen specifically lower abdomen.
        • Painful Intercourse.
        • Sore Throat.
Gonorrhoea leads to:-
        • Infertility.
        • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
        • Salpingitis.
        • Infection to fetus during pregnancy or newborn at the time of birth.
        • Joint pain and infections.
        • Infection leading to damage hart valve.
        • Meningitis.
Gonorrhoea Prevention and Treatment :- Please refer this link on PID.

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